Panettone, Cookies and Easter Dove Cake production

Gilber, first class Panettone, holds a long-standing tradition dating back to 1965 in a small laboratory in Turin, thanks to the passion, expertise and enthusiasm of young pastry chefs.

Over the years, it was transformed into modern family-based business. Gilber’s business focuses on producing sweets and drawing inspiration from Piedmond’s pastry tradition.

Gilber’s flagship product has always been covered with a glaze of Piedmont hazelnuts and almonds, rich in primary products and naturally leavened delicacy.

We only use 48-hour naturally leavened sourdough and selected primary products to produce our Panettone, Colomba, Biscuits, Amaretti and entire leavened products, highly appreciated by the most refined palates for their exceptional taste.

"Tasty panettone always available to remember
sweet memories"