Panettone, Cookies and Easter Dove Cake production

In 1965 a small workshop for pastry making was born in Turin where the ability and enthusiasm for young master pastry-cooks created a continuously expanding production of panettoni (Christmas fruit cakes) colombe (Easter fruit cakes), biscuits and amaretti (almond cakes).

Many years have passed since then and the small workshop has now grown into a flourishing business. Still a family concern, Gilber develops its production from traditional hand-made lines, using carefully selected ingredients for delicious top quality products.

The "Piemontese" panettone is the pride of the Gilber production: with its characteristic hazel nut and almond icing, rich with ingredients it is the fruit of delicate workmanship based on natural rising.

This natural rising process uses culture yeast exclusively, whit no added chemical yeast, and requires a full 48 hours to guarantee the sponginess, softness, and fragance that characterize all Gilber baked products.